LA Burbula in Cholula

The big draws in the town of San Pedro Cholula are the world’s largest pyramid (by base area) and the Catholic Church the conquering Spaniards built on top of it.

IMGP0524         IMGP0536

But there’s lots more to do and see here.  Just looking out in one direction from the church I spotted 17 churches.  After the local natives resisted his conquest, Cortez swore he build one church for every day of the year.  He came close.

Other activities include knocking back over-sized micheladas; beer with salt and lime and chili powder:


And after a hard day of scurrying through the tunnels of the Cholula pyramid and chugging liters of micheladas, one needs a nice restaurant.  I found La Burbula.  Due to the hour of the day we were the only people in the place so we had this beauty all to ourselves

20121219_151615 20121219_151626

Now maybe you’re expecting another tortilla wrapped delight but we were getting a bit tired of corn and beans.  So here’s what we had.  First up, Jugoso Filite a la parrilla, servido con pure de papa y espinacas a la crema.  Best translation I can provide is grilled sirloin steak with pureed creamed potatoes and creamed spinach


Also ordered, Sellado al ajonjoli negro, con salsa de aceitunas negras y de roquefort con anchoas, acompanadas de espinacas a la crema.  Google Translate tells me this is Tuna seared with black sesame sauce with blue cheese and black olives with anchovies, accompanied by creamed spinach


Both meals were very delicious and kept us going for the bus ride back to Puebla

La Burbula is just up the street from the zocalo past the church at 5 de Mayo 407, San Pedro Cholula, Puebla, Mexico

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